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Off-duty film viewing only. Anything I'm working on, might be working on, or connected to anything I'm working on, won't be mentioned here.

Favorite films

  • Begone Dull Care
  • Ordet
  • The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall
  • Heimat II: A Chronicle of a Generation

Recent activity

  • Last Knights

  • Maria by Callas

  • Rooney

  • Hit the Road

Recent reviews

  • Maria by Callas

    Maria by Callas

    A film that sells itself on its never-before-seen footage, but then proceeds to tinker with that footage in myriad horrible ways: colourised, up-ressed, motion smoothed, degrained, even adorned with pretend sprocket holes. (Stills photography gets in-motion sprocket holes, too, and gate weave – genuinely bizarre.) For a film that claims to present the real Maria Callas, it’s ironic that these manipulations lead her to so often resemble a totally unreal wax doll.

  • In a Valley of Violence

    In a Valley of Violence

    Ti West doing kind of an inverse Pearl in that the central performance is underplayed and all of the supporting roles are over the top – which is way too noisy for me.

Popular reviews

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    You know how the Doctor Who Christmas specials have a bit more extra money to spend, so there's flashier effects and maybe a guest star or two who used to do films, but the whole thing still feels very televisual in its execution and in its acting, and the dialogue doesn't always land because it's trying to simultaneously appease different audience demographics? That's exactly how this feels – and way before Matt Smith shows up.

  • Moonage Daydream

    Moonage Daydream

    Some immediate idle thoughts:

    From a conceptual standpoint, I’m not sure if hooking the film primarily to audio from chat-show interviews is going to elicit the deepest of insights, given the format. Bowie was always good value on them, but I doubt he would deem them worthy of extracting any kind of biography, however loose/associative that may be. It also creates a huge gap toward the end as Bowie had moved out of the public eye.

    The film relies a…