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Favorite films

  • Begone Dull Care
  • Ordet
  • The Dover Boys at Pimento University
  • Heimat 2

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Recent reviews

  • Girls Nite Out

    Girls Nite Out

    All of the teens look like they’ve supplied their own costumes and improvised their own dialogue, complete with in-jokes – they feel like normal, weird, confident, annoying, cringey kids, and there’s something really endearing in that. Not that this is some kind of Cassavetes slasher. The plotting and red herrings are perfunctory (though still kind of fun), the budget obviously very low (look closely and you realise Hal Holbrook never shares a shot with another character), the killings mostly standard, etc. But hanging out with these goofy teens is good fun, and it’s sad to see some of them go.

  • The Painter and the Pointer

    The Painter and the Pointer

    As punishment, a dog is tied to a rifle, its barrel pointing towards his face, its trigger primed to go off at the slightest movement. To complicate matters, two spiders want to eat the dog. This is a children’s cartoon, released one week before Christmas no less.

Popular reviews

  • Elvis


    A biopic in fast-forward – jokes about fools rushing in tell themselves. Nip to the loo and you risk missing a good five years of the King’s life. It feels like Luhrmann is doing his own take on Oliver Stone in JFK or Nixon mode, pulling out his whole book of tricks to sex up historical recreation, but it’s never clear what the reasoning behind making the film is other than the razzle-dazzle: Luhrmann Does Presley. The Colonel angle, while…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    You know how the Doctor Who Christmas specials have a bit more extra money to spend, so there's flashier effects and maybe a guest star or two who used to do films, but the whole thing still feels very televisual in its execution and in its acting, and the dialogue doesn't always land because it's trying to simultaneously appease different audience demographics? That's exactly how this feels – and way before Matt Smith shows up.