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  • The Incident
  • Hired to Kill
  • The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun
  • The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

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  • Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter


  • With Honors


  • The Great Waldo Pepper


  • The Stöned Age


Recent reviews

  • Mahoney's Last Stand

    Mahoney's Last Stand


    What an interesting little film - Canadian in every way.  To me it feels like a Canadian Withnail and I (although it predates that film by about 15 years) with a fantastic performance from actor/writer/director Alexis Kanner. Throw in a gorgeous Maud Adam’s and a nearly in recognizable Sam Waterston - this so called “lost” film is alive and well on YouTube and worth your time.

  • Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?

    Life Is Tough, Eh Providence?


    After only seeing Milian in rough and tough roles like Sunny and Jed and Four of the Apocalypse - it was a hoot to see him do physical comedy in the vein of Charlie Chaplin.

Popular reviews

  • Sugar Hill

    Sugar Hill


    Voodoo Zombie Blaxploitation.

    If those three words don't grab you, then I don't know what to say. This weird and nifty little film from the peak of blaxpoitation era tells the story of a woman named Sugar Hill, whose boyfriend Langston is the owner of a popular night club. However when Lagnston refuses to sell his club to a group of gangsters, they beat him to death in the parking lot. Knowing that she is unable to do anything on…

  • Watership Down

    Watership Down


    A masterclass in mature animation - this classic and oft discussed adaptation of Richard Adams groundbreaking novel about country side rabbits and their struggles with overpopulation, political treachery and most importantly - survival - is a must see. Not for the faint of heart - this film contains not only intense scenes of violence and animated gore - it also explores metaphors of religion and pagan ideologies through the different belief systems of the rabbit "warrens" - or societies so…