Johnny Handsome

Johnny Handsome ★★★★

Finally got the Blu Ray of this after 20 years of watching it on VHS. This little known gem is LEGIT.

Mickey Rourke in his prime plays Johnny Handsome, a horribly disfigured criminal with a heart of gold, who falls in with a wild pair of bank robbers (Lance Henrickson and Ellen Barkin, who both take turns chewing the scenery) who double cross him. 

While in jail, he’s presented an offer by a doctor (Forrest Whitaker) who wants to reconstruct his face and give him a new chance at life. Now actually handsome, and with a new shot at life, can he let the desire for vengeance go??

This feels like it could have been a chapter in Rodriguez/Miller’s Sin City, which is ironic, as Rourke played a disfigured criminal in that. 

It’s a very stylish movie with great action, but the real treat is Rourke giving the best performance of his career until he made The Wrestler. 

Check it out.

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