Manhattan Baby

Manhattan Baby ★★★½

Why is it that I often find the Fulci films that are the least appreciated so much fun? While some praise the gore and suspense of the Zombi movies, I really get a kick out of his more Urban horror films like New York Ripper, The Devil's Honey - and this bonkers film that blends urban horror with demonic possession and yes - even Egyptian Curses.

The story begins in Egypt where an archaeologist named George is blinded by a mysterious blue light in the depths of an Egyptian Tomb. At the same time - his Daughter Susie is gifted a mysterious aritfact by a blind Egyptian woman. Once back in new York - George slowly begins regaining his sight while at the same time mysterious deaths are happening all around he and his family. What with the sudden changes in Susie's behavior- could it be the artifact that it to blame?

As always - the cinematography is stunning and visually striking - much like most Fulci films - and has a terrific score by Fulci regular: Fabio Frizzi. As with most Fulci films (in my humble opinion) Frizzi's score is majestic - if unbalanced - with the images Fulci is showing you on the screen - but always seems a happy accident when it works. With some great gore and atmospheric story telling - most of the films shortcomings (such as several wooden performances and some long, dry moments) are covered up by a lot of gory and gruesome mayhem. Check it out!

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