Stunt Rock

Stunt Rock ★★★½

In what can only be described as an experimental film that combines the the spirits of a documentary, a concert film and a promo reel of stunt stock footage - this bonkers presentation by Ozploitation Master Brian Trenchard-Smith is a sight to behold. Available only as a bootleg for years - it has recently been remastered on blu-ray and streaming and now is available for the masses to experience.

Combining Stock footage and new shot cinematic narratives - we follow the actions of Australian Stuntman Grant Page as he develops new and fantastic feats for movies and television. He is summoned to Los Angeles to be a part of a Television Show - where he begins to romance television personality Lois Willis (played by Margaret Gerard). While in Los Angeles - he lends his skills of stunts and pyrotechnics to an up and coming heavy metal band called SORCERY - whose theatrical exploits are in need of Grants skills. We spend the next hour bouncing from Grant romancing Lois - recalling his favorite stunt work (through flashbacks of amazing stunt reels and demos), hanging with the band (who rock by the way), and behind the scenes antics of the television and film world. A mixed bag of genres - what really makes this film work for me is the amazing songs and theatrical performances of SORCERY - as well as their resident Wizard played by Paul Haynes and the magical illusions of their resident “Prince of Darkness” played by Curtis Hyde. Not for everyones taste - but perfect for those looking for something entirely unique .