The Farmer

The Farmer ★★★★

Considered a lost film for many years - a film spoken about but never found - only appearing on bootleg VHS off a television broadcast or a mythical 35 MM screening somewhere in LA, We finally got this on Blu Ray courtesy of Scorpion Releasing. This gritty and nihilistic tale of southern crime lords that face the vengeance of a poor, desperate farmer (and war hero) follows the same vein as vengeance pictures such as Rolling Thunder and Walking Tall.

Silver Heart war hero Kyle Martin returns from war to find his family farm in disrepair after his father's passing. With the bank about to foreclose on his farm - a chance meeting with a mob underboss who crashes his car near the farm. After saving the Mobster's life - Kyle is offered the opportunity to perform a job of vengeance in exchange money to save the farm - however after a heinous act performed by another crime syndicate - Kyle is now willing to take the blood money and proceed on a murderous rampage.

Star Gary Conway (of TV's Land of the Giants) produced the film in hopes of propelling his career forward as an action star - as Charles Bronson, William Devane and Joe Don Baker had in the years prior with their violent tales of revenge. Despite the ever present "B-Movie" quality that the film presents - this grind house thriller hits all the right notes for it's genre - especially when the violently thrilling third act goes into motion. Seek this out NOW!

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