Thrashin' ★★★½

It's like the Karate Kid... on skateboards.

Don't let the extreme 80's vibe dissuade you, this is a fun and impressive romp of an 80's teen film, following the trend of "extreme sports" of the decade like RAD, GLEAMING THE CUBE and NORTH SHORE.

Josh Brolin stars a Corey, an extreme skateboarder from "the valley" who moves into his buddy's camper in Venice Beach with hopes and dreams of being a pro skateboarder. He makes a name for himself at the local skate competition but crosses the path of the "Skull Daggers", a rough and tough gang of skateboarders in leather vests and torn jeans (think of Cobra Kai meets the Riffs from THE WARRIORS). He creates even more of a conflict when he falls for Chrissy (Pamela Gidley from CHERRY 2000), who happens to be the sister of the Skull Daggers gang leader (Robert Rustler of Elm Street 2 and Babylon 5 fame).
This pits the two against each other, not only in the streets, but the infamous LA MASSACRE downhill race. Who will win?

Yes there's 80's cheese and melodrama, but the cast is electric and the skate stunts are very impressive for the time, especially Brolin who does a lot of his own skating and pulls it off well!

Oh, it also has a killer soundtrack with cuts from THE CIRCLE JERKS, DEVO, FEAR and a featured performance from THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and think any 80's kid will too.

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