Who? ★★½

A blind buy from Kino Lorber - feeding my collection of obscure Elliot Gould films - this one is perhaps the strangest film in Gould's career. Part Sci/Fi, Part Espionage - this fells like a TV movie that got the greenlight for a theatrical release at the last minute.

Elliot Gould plays Sean Rogers - a CIA Profiler who has been assigned to receive a captured scientist from the KGB. However when they arrive for the prisoner exchange - the man brought to them is a CYBORG. The man, named Lucas Martino, was captured after a car wreck nearly killed him. After experimental cybernetic surgery, Martino now has a metalic head, a robotic arm, and no possible way to determine if he really is who he say he is. Rogers is put in charge of investigating and determining the authenticity of Martino's identity before letting him continue his work on a top secret project. As Martino is allowed to return to normal life in an attempt to trace his patterns and relationships - can Rogers say for certain that Martini is who he says he is - or is a KGB sleeper agent?

More of a character study and drama more than anything - the film's credibility survives it's ridiculous story and distractingly bad make up effects by having some terrific performances by Gould and Joseph Bava as Martino. Decent suspense and an interesting look at cold war spy tactics - this is a solid one timer - something to knock off more Elliot Gould films off your list!

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