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  • The Cell

    The Cell


    The year 2000...seen as it should be seen today. Too often I watch a film from this era and can't get passed how dated it is, (early 2000's films age worse for me than 70's or 90's films). The Cell allowed me to see it as I would have then, and it still held up to my standards today. It looks great.

    It's just a good time, shit, 2000 J Lo, a totally unrecognizable Vincent D'Onofrio, fetus Vince Vaughn (who…

  • Luce



    Best score of the year, I know that much.

    I was on the edge of my seat for the entire runtime. That phrase gets thrown around a lot, but I saw this in a theater with reclining seats, and after the first ten minutes, I had to sit the fuck up. This was...suspensful, and for the film it is, that's a feat.

    Tim Roth and Naomi Watts acting across from one other is an unstoppable force. And I was hanging…

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  • Roma


    So preoccupied with how it's shot, nothing much is being filmed. Sure, it looks great, but this is one hollow story.

    I'll try again in a few years, maybe I missed something vital, but as of right now, I think this is all cinematography and no story. It's very sterile. And when something does happen, it's not utilized well. You're shocking or saddened by it in the moment, then it's forgotten. For instance, the saddest part of this film to…

  • Mandy



    If George Miller dropped (more) acid and directed a Lord of the Rings side mission, it would look something like this.

    Well this had to have been one of my most anticipated films ever. Not to the feverish longing of Fury Road extent, that trailer put me off trailers for good. Mostly. I remember how daunting the year and a half seemed after seeing a glimpse of what thrills, what colors, Miller had cooked up.
    In a similar way, after…