Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

"That godamn trailer is more popular than uncle's day in a whore house."
-Harry Dean Stanton

All you need to know about Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is that James Hurley is tolerable.

FWWM scares me in a way that few other films ever have, it gets into my head big time. I find it ludicrous that horror isn't listed as one of its genres. The kind of film that would be daunting if the opportunity ever came to screen it in a theater setting by yourself. I'm not sure that I could handle that, and a lot of the film isn't even scary, but when it is, it's almost too much for me. The invasive scares all come from when Laura Palmer is our protagonist. One thing this film struggles with is having a consistent lead, but when that fan above then stairs gets turned on and we are in the Palmer residence, that gets me.
This is also my pick for Lynch's most legitimate use of horror, most mature? not sure which, but it needs to be here. How the story uses hellish elements to tackle the theme of child molestation is powerful, and more powerful still is the depiction of a teenager in trouble. You can feel the desperation and fear in Laura, the tempters that lurk around every corner beckoning to her are palpable.

Man, I really came around to this one in a big way. The first time I saw it I was not impressed except for the horror elements. Now, it's a masterpiece in my book. Having seen The Return helped that very much. FWWM is SO important to getting that final season of the show. The two are connected in more ways than I can count. And I was also pleased with how this functions as a prequel! It really compliment and fleshes out the original show.

-Harry Dean fucking Stanton. Every line he says is gold. I love his character here. I like to think it's the same character he plays in Cockfighter, years later, bitter and washed up.
-Ray Wise. What an actor! He was a standout to me in the show and he's excellent here. Ray Wise is tasked with using a lot of range, it all works.
-Sheryl Lee. Holy crap does she make you feel like she does. She carries the film hard once it gets to her.
-The villians. I can't express how much I love the scene of all the key tormentors hanging out enjoying some creamed corn together. Each has a part to play, each gets showcased, each kills it.

The climax will take your brain and squish it like silly putty.

Get yourself a hot cup of good morning America and a nice plate of Garmonbozia and dig in to Mr. David Lynch, free from NBC, taking control of his beloved show.

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