Cherry ★★★★★

who else just stared into the distance when the credits started rolling?! because i did! this film gave me all the emotions. truly an experience. i would do anything to watch it again for the first time. 

tom holland. wow. WOW. i don’t even know where to begin. literally there isn’t a single thing this man can’t do. he has the range and that’s a fact! tom continues to prove how talented of an actor he is with every movie he’s in. he has outdone himself once again. waited so long to watch this one and now that i finally did, i genuinely see why tom is very proud of this film. proud is an understatement and i can’t stress that enough! 

ciara bravo. i’ve never seen any of her movies and this is the first one i’ve seen so far but the moment i saw her through my screen she instantly blew me away. her beauty, her talent SHE’S EVERYTHING. this film wouldn’t be the way it is without her. also, their chemistry >>>>> it’s inarguable. the symbolism of her ribbon necklace was really an interesting part of this film. it represented her character’s journey so well. 

i loved how it was narrated by cherry which made us understand his perspective more. i also really loved how the film was broken down into different parts just like how the book was written. it felt like a ride to experience the different stages of cherry’s life. i can’t wait to watch this movie again and most especially can’t wait for the world to see this one!!! 

also tom holland for best actor IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS

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