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  • Jaws



    Movie #13 of the Hoop-Tober 3.0 – Midterm Nightmares

    Undeniably the best shark movie there is because it's not in the format of a slasher film. Jaws is not Jason, Jaws is not Michael Myers. We can't understand this shark, we can't expect him, since it's a creature. I have to admit that I prefer the first half of this movie because it's feeding the fear of the creature while the second half is chasing the shark. It's a great movie but I'm not the biggest fan, I like to watch it here and there.

  • Carrie



    Movie #26 of the Hoop-Tober 3.0 – Midterm Nightmares

    Before considering a movie "my favorite", I need to see it a few times to learn to appreciate every part of it, every detail. Some movies impress me so much on the first view, but I like them less and less at each viewing, being less impressed, having seen it before. But for Carrie, I love it more and more at every view.

    Nothing compares to Carrie. It's a horror movie,…