Deadpool 2 ★★

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A slightly more bearable version of the first one, Deadpool as a character really does work better in a group. 

I really really wish Deadpool didn’t have to crack a joke every five seconds. I know they *think* it’s his character but it really isn’t. A dramatic moment should still be dramatic. It’s ok to make your scene emotional, but this movie seems too afraid to do it. 

What makes Joe Kelly’s Deadpool work so well is the tragic aspects of the character. He’s funny, but there is a reason for his humor. But I guess we’re going by the modern day Daniel Way interpretation of the character that I despise. Oh well.

Zazie Beets steals the show, most of the jokes may not land but the ones that do are solid. I laughed pretty hard at the Age of Ultron joke. That baby legs bit was also fucking hysterical. I had more to say but I already forgot half the movie. Huh, that’s weird.

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