Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

The sad thing is that you can clearly see that there are at least three films fighting for attention here. There are moments when this movie tries to be a fun romp about a ragtag bunch of characters. I'd be okay with seeing that. There's a movie that goes for broke with its grossness, making a full-on antihero film. I'm not sure that's what America needs right now, but it would make for a better movie than what we got. There's a version of this story that digs into how psychologically messed up these people are, and finds a way for you to sympathize with them for being forced to do the government's bidding. I really want to see that.

Instead, the actual film cycles through those ideas and tones like a jukebox and it's just so confusing.

The structure is bad.
The pacing is bad.
The soundtrack is BAD.
The villain is bad.
The action is *squints to understand what's going on* bad.
Jared Leto is bad.

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