• Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    I would’ve loved this when I was a teenager and I used to read /Film every day. Most people have alot of disdain and embarrassment for the person they used to be, but not me. 3.5 stars.

  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    The brief detour of De Niro visiting his ex-wife and daughter floored me, and De Niro in general is incredible, but otherwise I found this a little grating. Too much flop sweat on this one. I tend to be less hot on "TNT rewatch" movies anyway.

  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


    I first watched this in a college class and didn't appreciate it nearly enough back then. It would be easy to make the two main characters' relationship turn adversarial at some point in the film, but they remain steadfast in their support of each other and the movie is all the better for it.

  • Nope



    He’s 3 for 3. Nobody’s doing it quite like him.

  • Hold Back the Dawn

    Hold Back the Dawn


    I don't want to give Wilder all the credit but there's so much of his wit, cynicism, and bite in this one. An immigrant screenwriter co-writing a script about a man who scams the U.S. immigration system and then sells a screenplay about it. That rocks lol.

    Olivia de Havilland is just dynamite in this.

  • The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz


    Thanks to this film I learned that The Band and The Byrds aren't the same thing.

    Possibly the best any movie has ever looked. Excellently captures the communal joy of putting on a show with your buds. At first I thought Joni Mitchell's only appearance was going to be barely visibly singing background vocals during the Neil Young performance and then she comes back later and rips through "Coyote." Definitely the highlight of the film aside from seeing how zooted Robbie Robertson was at all times.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Shout out to Jaimie Alexander for continuing to get that paper as Lady Sif

  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    I watched the Wimbledon women's final today and then later this. I think that's enough of British culture for the rest of the month.

  • SubUrbia



    Richard Linklater's existential stoner musings almost always have a tinge of optimism to them, so it's really unsettling to see them flipped with such pain and darkness.

  • Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

    Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul


    Watching this since season 2 starts in a few days. I only caught up on the first season a few months ago and my general thoughts were that it was solid but I don't quite think it's the masterpiece most of the anime community thinks it is. Most of that comes down to its "dark" elements, which largely consists of one-note, edgy violence against children. I like the eldritch horror of the creature designs and the details of the world,…

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    It was interesting learning in the opening credits that this was based on a Joe Hill short story because there's so much Stephen King (his dad) in this film, particularly in the way it sets up the story. Those first 20 minutes or so are by far the best part, because they primarily focus on the terrific dynamic between the main kid and his little sister. Far too often in entertainment, siblings are portrayed as adversarial or just kind of…

  • Young Ahmed

    Young Ahmed


    I'm choosing to view this as a dark comedy in the vein of Four Lions about a young Muslim radical who botches things both small (kissing a hot girl) and large (assassinating his teacher) as a way of coping with the fact that the Dardenne brothers missed the mark this badly.