The Commuter ★★

35% - Really Bad

So my mom decided to put this on last night and I mean what was I supposed to do? Not watch it? Pfffft never. 

While The Commuter wasn’t that good I did find some things to like. The third act was very entertaining. It really just worked for me. I also like the plot, in theory. I like the way it was all set up and the way it went on after that was a bit disappointed. 

But I didn’t like The Commuter I thought it was very dull for the most part. The first two acts basically just feel like Liam Neeson walking around the train and then a random action scene is just thrown in. That makes most of the film pretty boring and also very forgettable. The action as well when it happens was very lackluster. Most of that is down to the very poor and choppy editing that goes on all throughout the film, not just in the action scene. The performances and directing was also pretty bad. Liam Neeson felt like he barely tried and was just there to collect his paycheck. 

So overall The Commuter was not a good film at all. It’s very bad. It’s got a good setup that’s mostly ruined by poor action, awful editing and just a very boring film. 

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