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  • Sorry to Bother You
  • Man of Marble
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  • The Sting

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  • The Big Short

  • Going Off Big Time

  • Django Unchained

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    For thousands of people, Black Widow will have been the first film they watched in the cinema since lockdown. For me, it was the first in around ten years.

    Since I recovered from illness in January, it seems the rate at which I get used to old activities has been accelerating. It was perhaps a few weeks before shops and public transport felt something like normal and routine (not helped, of course, by the masks and other covid accoutrements, plus…

  • Jumper



    Seemed like a lacklustre prototype for Looper (2012), but as I fell asleep for over half the film, can't be entirely sure.

    Will probably rewatch, as I don't like knowing so little about a film I technically saw this recently - but that should also be when tired, as I'd rather expend more awake, higher-quality attention on something better.

Popular reviews

  • Purple Noon

    Purple Noon


    It may take a while for my reasoning faculties to return as they have been shut down by the sexy, lush atmosphere of this film and in particular the impossible beauty of young Alain Delon.

    I've never liked Matt Damon anyway but this original adaptation of The Talented Mr Ripley further emphasises how miscast he was. Delon's physical perfection makes Tom Ripley even more mysterious, as he should be ... I don't think he's a character whose inner workings are…

  • A Prophet

    A Prophet


    I'd heard so many recommendations for Un prophète from people with good taste, on Letterboxd and before I joined, that at some point I forgot that it's a two and a half hour prison movie. An extra-large helping of a genre I usually avoid. Fuck.

    Not long after Malik's arrival in gaol though, it stops being an account of claustrophobic, intrusive routine whilst isolated amongst thugs - and becomes a mesmerising character drama about the men stuck in this big…