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  • A Sister of Six

    A Sister of Six


    Notable for being Bessie Love's first starring role. Though it's considered a lost film there is enough footage left (approx 20 mins) to follow the storyline and get a strong sense of all the action. Bessie Love is excellent, of course, and is the main reason for anyone to watch this as the film itself is quite straightforward. Bad guys try to take over Bessie's ranch because they have discovered that there is gold on the land. Bessie has to use her rifle to fight back whilst bravely defending her home and her five siblings!

  • Protéa



    Now available to watch on the the French cinémathèque website.
    This was beautifully restored in 1998 with a running length of 50mins! Though there are still some missing scenes this is the longest version so far.
    Definitely worth seeing if only for Victorin Jasset's portrayal of the title character Protéa. Just like Proteus of greek mythology she changes her appearance constantly, comfortable in men's or women's clothes.
    Her many disguises include a burglar acrobat, an old lady, a gypsy violinist,…

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  • A Lodging for the Night

    A Lodging for the Night


    This is now fully available to watch on youtube in a beautiful restoration by the Mary Pickford Foundation on their youtube channel!
    Definately worth checking out!

  • Filibus



    Milestone are going to release this film completely restored very soon and I can't wait. It's one of the most intriging and delightful films from the 1910's with a lovely female adventurer who happens to be a masked criminal mastermind!
    However, the big news is that, for years, the actual actress who plays Filibus has not been the woman everyone has supposed.
    It has been discovered by the people at Eye that Valeria Creti, and not Cristina Ruspoli, is the…