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  • mother!



    absolute cinematic insanity.

    aronofsky is at the top of his game technically. gorgeous visually, the way the sound is done is amazing (he's not afraid to move focal points around a lot), making that feeling of gorgeous claustrophobia. and it's a rollercoaster. it's an experience movie like Dunkirk, it builds and builds and builds to an insane crescendo.

    the thing about this film is that it will mean so many things to so many people. i took it as a…

  • First Man

    First Man


    Chazelle went and bloody did it. Really quite brilliant, manages to nail the balance of focusing on Armstrong the man and Gemini/Apollo. Those space sequences though give Howard, Nolan et al run for their money.

    This may be the best Gosling performance I've seen, exuding so much in the internalised role that is Armstrong, great fit. Foy, Clarke and Chandler also great to watch.

    Major props to Damien though - it would have been easy to go more traditional with…