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  • The Challenge

    The Challenge


    wholesale proof as to why no one aside from the Tom Cruise braintrust can be trusted with shooting a feature film on the ISS - this essentially has to be reverse engineered to such an extent from the limitations you have of the location and what you can do up there and how... otherwise you get this essentially 3 hour medical drama that just *happens* to be partly set there - probably works for the obligatory new year's eve TV…

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    Definitely the best made out of the 3 but as messy as ORIENT EXPRESS and NILE were there was a certain OTT/hamming up charm to them that I missed

    after two weeks in Venice was fun being all DiCaprio pointing meme with those aerial shots 😂

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  • The Duke

    The Duke


    this is a movie about a Paddington variant and you cannot convince me otherwise

  • mother!



    absolute cinematic insanity.

    aronofsky is at the top of his game technically. gorgeous visually, the way the sound is done is amazing (he's not afraid to move focal points around a lot), making that feeling of gorgeous claustrophobia. and it's a rollercoaster. it's an experience movie like Dunkirk, it builds and builds and builds to an insane crescendo.

    the thing about this film is that it will mean so many things to so many people. i took it as a…