Gemini Man ★★★½

60fps HFR/RealD 3D/2K

The film - as cheesy '90s Jerry Bruckhiemer as you'd expect

The tech - a fascinating technological demo. While the HFR/3D effect isn't quite there (despite some fantastic moments benefitting from the format) it works a lot better than expected.

It's basically a big big videogame...the things that work best are the sequences/shots that either borrow from the sort of framing/composition cut scenes use or first person/tracking - and when it works it really works. Took time to get used to it first.. Certainly a huge step forward from what I remember Hobbit being, it didn't feel like a daytime soap (though a few non action sequences really fell into that. Maybe have those at 24 and 'speed up' for action?) And young CGI Smith is a lot better here than in the trailers, must have been a hell of a job to get him right at 60/120 so serious hats off to Lee regardless for his efforts here. Just wish it was for a...less cheesy/by the numbers (tho still fun) thing.