Knives Out ★★★★

This film is the closest we’ll get to a remake of ”Clue” (1985).
Whilst being an intriguing murder mystery, it manages to balance many other elements such as comedy and social commentary.
Without a doubt, this is one of the cleverest films that I’ve seen in a while. Johnson wrote a script that completely played against the type and it managed to completely avoid cliches typical of this genre. Mostly, in a murder mystery films, you’re trying to guess who’s guilty and who’s not. That’s the main core of the genre and sometimes that can get obnoxious. On the contrary, this film changes its dynamics very often so because of that you never know what you’re going to get. At one moment you’re at the top and at the other, you’re at the bottom. Because of the constant smooth shifts of dynamics and approach to storytelling, you’re easily dragged into a plot and you forget about guessing game. When a murder mystery manages to make you forget about all the guessing who did it, and manages to draw you into a flow of the film, that’s a huge success. You’re constantly on the edge and you never know what’s going to be the next step that film is going to take. Any of that wouldn’t be possible without a wonderfully written script. The script is written in a way that keeps you entertained throughout the whole film. There isn’t any single line that felt like a surplus and every scene had reason to be in the film. Also, the film plays with retrospective and it uses different perspectives to prove different points. I thought that was wonderfully executed. That way you can see different meanings of the same actions. From the one viewpoint, people seem nice and caring, but when you see the same event from a different perspective, you get to look at the real intention behind taken action. That’s a clever tool to say something important about life itself without being too obnoxious about it. Interactions between all the characters were exquisite. Everyone has a different backstory, motivations, and personalities. When all of them gathered together it was very entertaining to watch so many different dynamics at the same time. You can see everyone’s goals and that’s an interesting showcase of people’s greed and selfishness. Everyone seems wonderful at first glance, but when you dig deeper you can see what reality is.
Furthermore, the acting was wonderful. You can see everyone had fun while filming this film. For me personally, Daniel Craig was a standout. He has chosen a specific approach to his character and he committed to that until the end. His borderline comedic performance with over the top accent offered great entertainment value. And every time he was on a screen, he chewed the scenery. The rest of the cast was fantastic as well. Although, I wish some of them got more screen time and more importance. I get that if they focused on every character equally the film would be 3-4 hours long. But unfortunately, I felt like some of them weren’t utilized at the full potential and they were a bit wasted.
Other than the script and the acting I would like to compliment a production design as well. The house looked beautiful and you had a sense of surroundings throughout the whole film. Every setting in the film looked beautiful and I wouldn’t be surprised if this film gets an Oscar nomination for production design.

In the end, this film is an unusual and different murder mystery that separates itself from the rest of the genre. Because of the wonderfully written script and equally great direction from Johnson, you’ll be entertained at the fullest.

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