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  • Farrey


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    At one point in the Thai film Bad Genius, the protagonist Lynn says: even if you don’t cheat, life cheats you anyway. The 2017 blockbuster, which has now been remade in Hindi as Farrey, is a tightly scripted, superbly edited entertainer. Director Nattawut Poonpiriya reimagines cheating on an exam as a nail-biting Oceans 11-style heist. But Bad Genius also works as a critique of the class divide and the education system which prioritizes marks above everything else and which is…

  • Tiger 3

    Tiger 3

    Be warned that the law of diminishing returns applies to Tiger 3. However, what does work effectively is the relationship between Tiger and Zoya. This love story is only getting better.


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  • Skater Girl

    Skater Girl

    After Skater Girl was shot in Khempur, a village near Udaipur in Rajasthan, the skating park that was built as a set for the movie was donated to locals. Which is probably the best thing about this well-intentioned but slight film.

    Skater Girl is a fairy tale. Debutant director Manjari Makijany and her sister and co-writer Vinati Makijany imagine that a foreigner with a skateboard can triumph over the thorniest fault-lines in rural India – patriarchy, caste, horrific double standards…

  • The Booth

    The Booth

    Rohin Raveendran’s short The Booth is a terrific and startling film. The director takes something mundane – a frisking booth – and turns it into a space for romance, mystery and danger. He also forces us to think about the inner lives of people who we meet but barely connect with. Rekha, played by Amruta Subhash, does her tedious security job efficiently. But her booth, perhaps the only space that is truly hers, also allows her to have an affair…