Brawl in Cell Block 99 ★★★★½

50% crime drama
50% gridehouse gorefest
100% Vince Vaughn's best performance to date

In the performance of his life, Vaughn transforms himself into a machine of badassery, balls, and heart. Though this film shifts gears in the second half from its all heart character study, it never loses what it starts with Vaughn as a man with a lot of physical power, but holds no power in the grand scheme of it all.

His love for his wife and unborn child ooze through his eyes as he fights and stomps his way from jail cell to jail cell. This is one of the most unique thrillers I have scene in a while an one that you should see to believe. Its one of the only roles that has Vaughn completely lost in the character. Not for a second do you see Trent or the Wedding Crasher guy.

This film is wrapped full of tension and as it builds, we have no idea where its going. When it reaches it climax, we stop to wonder, how the hell did I not know this is where it was going? How did it get here?
This film is not for everyone. Its graphic, violent, gory, and suggestive of nasty despicable things. Though at the center of it, is just a man's loyalty and love for his family. That all comes through in Vaughn's off the charts performance.