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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    Not that great, but not that bad either. I think that if I watched this movie before the animΓ© I would have enjoyed it more.

  • Everything, Everything

    Everything, Everything


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    - Bitch never left the house but owns a passport to go to Hawaii like there's something wrong here (apparently you can travel with no passport within the US)

    Anyways the movie was sweet and I was absolutely sure that her mom was an honest person, I'm disappointed, she doesn't deserve forgiveness. She ruined her daughter's life.

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  • Jackie



    WHAT A WOMAN!!! 

    natalie portman's performance was fucking majestic, i love emma stone and i'm glad she won best actress but natalie was on screen 95% of jackie and carried the movie all by herself, she deserved that oscar.

  • Arrival



    i really don't like comparing movies but interstellar can choke. can we PLEASE talk about the cinematography, i mean c'mon that was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

     β€œIn war there are no winners, only widows.”