I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★½

horror by way of existentialism, the way kaufman plays around with time is clearly used to confuse and bewilder making what’s going on on-screen just as hazy and “wtf is going on” to us as it is to lucy, you can try and pick it apart and put it all together to make something of it but you’re unable to (though that just may be because i’m slow) though when trying to figure out what exactly the film means in its entirety it feels undetermined, instead more like you can take everything in and theorize and process for yourself what it all means and what it is that means to you and it could be exactly that just as it can be something different for someone else. kaufman understands the subconscious and all its abstract expressions “you can’t fake a thought” simple but true and slightly horrifying. i’m still rattling my brain at this film and i think i’ll continue turning it over again and again in my head until eventually i tire of doing so but that’s the fun of film especially ones such as these, charlie my good sir this was excellent.