Favorite films

  • Chronometer
  • Ecosystem 27 - Density 1
  • Pickelporno
  • Izy Boukir

Recent activity

  • Private Property (Public Domain)


  • Life/Expectancy


  • Left Handed Memories


  • Devotio Moderna


Recent reviews

  • Blink



    blink and you’ll miss it — a small moment, a lucid memory out from the rest of the muck

  • Piaffe



    “Far too many movies demand far too little from viewers. Maybe they aren’t asking the right questions, or perhaps the questions themselves are just going over our heads — or, more accurately, it could be because they aren’t really asking anything all that penetrating in the first place. Feature-length films, for the most part, like to set up a primary figure for identification, saddle them with a series of relatable motives and conflicts, and eventually, at one point or another,…

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