• Maya



    wow, so beautiful ! kinda speechless, a once in a lifetime opportunity if i’ve ever seen one ! if you kno, u kno…

    a spectral love story in the best sense, with such a dynamic tension between sound/(non-)image. more importantly, this made me realize just how much i’m going 2 miss the maya deren and those ass-numbing seats in a few months time. an incredible swan song, but one that doesn’t suggest finality; here’s 2 new beginnings, 2 fresh possibilities. bradley’s heart way too pure here ! i want to love something as much as this man clearly loves this theater

  • Colour Theory (Light On Light) [After Goethe]

    Colour Theory (Light On Light) [After Goethe]


    warm, serene; a good appetizer 2 a lovely night.

  • Wishful Thinking

    Wishful Thinking


    this time, i wished for… 🤭🤭🤭

  • Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.

    Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.


    a bit one-note and super obvious, but regina hall in whiteface can save just about any motion picture in my eyes

  • A Jazzman's Blues

    A Jazzman's Blues


    4 inro, some word on the jizzman’s blues and perry in general:

    “In his review of Fritz Lang’s twisty, geometric, and viciously nihilistic Beyond A Reasonable Doubt for Cahiers du cinema, Jacques Rivette attempted to articulate the cinematic personality of the German filmmaker, and characterized Lang as “the cinéaste of the concept.” As Rivette notes in his review, Lang’s concerns within the film on both a narrative and instinctual level deal only with the necessary; there’s “no concession […] made here…

  • Wishful Thinking

    Wishful Thinking


    can’t explain why, but found this deeply moving.

    i wished for… 🤫

  • The Screen

    The Screen


    we’re here // now we’re there

  • A Lecture

    A Lecture


    learned a thing or two !

  • Projection Instructions

    Projection Instructions


    morgan fisher be like “who’s the boss now ?”

  • Little Jerry

    Little Jerry

    steve gurewitz remains the biggest cancer on the nyc film scene

  • Pearl



    happy b-day 2 the obvi goat tyler, but wow — what a stinker ya picked ! you really couldn’t have picked a worse flick 2day, bud. anyway, love ya and have a great day !

  • El Dorado

    El Dorado


    happy b-day 2 one sam redfern, the best brit since 21 savage