• Blink



    blink and you’ll miss it — a small moment, a lucid memory out from the rest of the muck

  • Piaffe



    “Far too many movies demand far too little from viewers. Maybe they aren’t asking the right questions, or perhaps the questions themselves are just going over our heads — or, more accurately, it could be because they aren’t really asking anything all that penetrating in the first place. Feature-length films, for the most part, like to set up a primary figure for identification, saddle them with a series of relatable motives and conflicts, and eventually, at one point or another,…

  • Piaffe



    review tk 4 inro; all i’ll say 4 now is that this def deserves your immediate attention because A) this won’t be getting distribution anytime soon (can see this getting, at absolute best, a slot in nd/nf next year) // will need supporters for it to ever happen in the first place and B) this is, movement-for-moment, probably the most exciting debut feature i’ve seen in some time.

  • M. Butterfly

    M. Butterfly


    wonder how boosie feels about this one…

  • 9/11



    not enough 9/11 for my taste

  • My Struggle

    My Struggle


    the hardest i’ve cried in some time

  • Deep Water

    Deep Water


    tyler perry does phantom thread 

    so many shots of ben looking mopey, so emotionally deadened.

  • The Ghost and the Darkness

    The Ghost and the Darkness


    features some cutting-edge “tiger-eating-human” fx work

  • Congruent Triangles

    Congruent Triangles

    always hated math

  • Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump

    Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump

    informative; evocative and elegant 

    did you know the opening feather shot of gump was the longest single-take effects shot in cinema up to that time ?

  • Epileptic Seizure Comparison

    Epileptic Seizure Comparison


    so much pain

  • Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men

    Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men

    another occasional reminder than most of my “professional” writing these days is on music-related topics and recent album releases. here’s me on wu-tang clan’s enter the wu-tang (36 chambers), which if i were to grade, would get a 4.5 on the lb scale:

    “During the summer of 1991, cousins Robert “Bobby” Diggs and Gary Grice were trying to get busy and do the impossible. They had both released pedestrian mainstream hip-hop debuts that year which bricked — the Will Smith-like…