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  • Period. End of Sentence.

    Period. End of Sentence.


    When one of the interviewees mentioned that she was constantly bleeding through her pads and ended up dropping out of school due to it, I wished I could travel back in time and through the screen to give her some super plus tampons. After hearing what women in this community were using for pads (just old clothing), hopefully the pads and the pad manufacturing initiative will help the women in the community live and improve their lives, although I hope women with heavier flows can get extra support at some point. Will be donating to www.thepadproject.org/ when I can.

  • Betty White: First Lady of Television

    Betty White: First Lady of Television


    Should really be entitled Betty White: NATIONAL TREASURE

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  • Sudden Manhattan

    Sudden Manhattan

    Commentary review:

    This was not much of a commentary. Shelly did this about 5 years after the film was released and had not seen it in a while, so there was lots of silence while she watched.

    I got the impression that the commentary would have been much better if she had done it closer to shooting, and she also mentioned that she wished that her co-star Tim Guinee was there, because he might remember more anecdotes that she had forgotten.

  • The Obsession

    The Obsession

    This restoration also includes a text description of a missing/lost scene set at the hotel, along with the text of another letter.

    Also included is a short documentary-style short/fragment, titled "Chiromancy." The description states:

    Curiously, at the time it produced THE OBSESSION, Gaumont also released an educational documentary on the history of chiromancy. It treats palm reading as if it were a science worthy of being taught in elementary schools.

    This documentary short is a bit counter to the end of The Obsession, but I guess Gaumont wanted to hedge their bets. 🤣

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  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Film Club #19 | picked by Lenon Mello

    I'm not really a fan of high school anime and I had read the novella The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is based on several years ago and rated it a 2/5, so I didn't have high expectations for this one. However, from what I remember, the story in the anime is far more fleshed out than in the novella. I also really liked the cast for the English dub and Makoto…

  • The Talk of the Town

    The Talk of the Town


    Evidence that Ronald Colman's character was in love with Cary Grant:

    Exhibit A: He loaned him his only pair of slippers when he was still a total rando to him

    Exhibit B: He bought him borscht and remembered that he liked it with an egg

    Exhibit C: He shaved off the beard he had had for 15 years so he could go undercover for him - not for Jean Arthur

    Exhibit D: He tracked down the man who could exonerate…