Cruella ★★★★½

I originally mainly wanted to check this out for the costumes, which I was a bit underwhelmed with except with some of Cruella's looks - I thought they could've gone a bit more out there. But I'm glad I watched this so I could be introduced to Buddy the puppy and Wink. They were fucking adorable and I had to give an extra half star for their preciousness.

But otherwise, I think as Disney cash-grabs go, this was pretty good - I thought the cast gelled really well together, everyone/everything looked fantastic, Emma Stone really is a great comedienne, and it was nice to see Joel Fry in a leading cinematic role. I also have to give a thumbs up for a surprise (to me) Mark Strong. The only thing that seemed a bit off is the way the Baroness's Dalmatians were portrayed - it really looked like they had to CGI some of their ferociousness when it came to their mouths, but then I don't really know much about real-life Dalmatian temperament, other than I thought they leaned toward being hyper.

I am a bit curious about the timeline for the sequel, because the postscript didn't really seem to match with the timeline of the animated movie unless there is a big time jump, but that will be less of an issue for people who aren't old farts or Disney animation aficionados. But I am all for a Cruella cinematic universe if Wink and Buddy are also along for the ride. XD