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  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    After nearly fifteen years, Zombie has reopened the Firefly file. Mostly set ten years after the original, (making it 1988 for those who’ve stopped counting) this violent, foul-mouthed, band-on-the-run flick is really no surprise, whether you like it or wanna leave it. I’m a big fan of Zombie’s work, even when I’m not sure I like it. I love these characters & the actors that the man gathers around him are a treat to watch. The opening is a collection of…

  • Decoder



    “…information to short circuit information.” In brief, FM Einheit plays himself, making industrial/noise cassettes to disrupt patrons at burger joints in a semi-dystopian Berlin. An older, grim-looking man who works for the state has taken a shine to Einheit‘s girlfriend, the real Christiane F., who works in a peepshow & is obsessed with frogs. This is sort of an industrial hang-out flick. William S. Burroughs works in an electronics shop, Genesis P-Orridge is a high priest of the underground, there’s real…