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  • Watchmen



    It's a bit strange that this is often dismissed as just a picture for picture adaptation and thus not an accomplishment by Zach Snyder. The thing that makes this special to me is that the tone through pacing, casting/acting, and music does capture the spirit of this particular story. That's more than just getting the images on screen and not botching the already great story.

    Now that comic book superheroes are big business in a way they weren't in 2009…

  • The Enforcer

    The Enforcer


    Not the most memorable Bogart and a movie that spends too much time freaking out about the inconceivable concept of contract killing. That said, there are plenty of really successful things in the direction despite the split direction of Bretaigne Windust and Raoul Walsh.

    The suspenseful opening with a scared witness being escorted is effective for no good reason other than the long shadows of armed policemen and the wild acting of Ted de Corsia. He acts up a storm…

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  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    I don't understand how the Coens manage to make stories that appear cynically dark but infusing them with a warmth and humor. This story of a singer-songwriter with a romanticized self-image is a hilarious tribute to struggling artists and the way they can sabotage themselves. Llewyn Davis writes nonsensical lyrics as he hasn't lived anything to write about, since that would cramp his artistic style and not let him live. This type of warped self-image is standard for the Coens…

  • 3-Iron



    The first time I watched this movie I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. I think I was expecting something more surreal after loving Dream (Bi-mong). This time around I was struck by how similar those movies are, and I'm a bit surprised I didn't appreciate it more before.

    The gradual introduction to the protagonists' world says enough about the whole movie. You get an image of the male character looking for something that he doesn't have, and then you…