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  • Dunkirk



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Christopher Nolan's fascination with sad guys shaped and defined by memories takes a spectacular twist in this long flashback to the glory days of Britain. He sticks to his usual tools with a stressful Hans Zimmer soundscape and wonky timelines but the characters barely exist as individuals. Or rather we don't know anything about their backstories or motivations, because those things do not matter at all in a situation where 400,000 people just want to survive.

    The best war movies…

  • Love and Lemons

    Love and Lemons


    Despite some terrible decisions the movie manages to balance the romcom elements with the professional dream-fulfillment of the protagonist. Squeezing the complete arcs from a novel into the 90-minute romcom may force some corners and conflicts to be cut, which mostly benefits the story. There are few forced conflicts and they don't last as annoyingly long as they tend to do in the genre. Instead there's an optimistic momentum with a lot of supportive characters pushing each other to success.…

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  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    I don't understand how the Coens manage to make stories that appear cynically dark but infusing them with a warmth and humor. This story of a singer-songwriter with a romanticized self-image is a hilarious tribute to struggling artists and the way they can sabotage themselves. Llewyn Davis writes nonsensical lyrics as he hasn't lived anything to write about, since that would cramp his artistic style and not let him live. This type of warped self-image is standard for the Coens…

  • 3-Iron



    The first time I watched this movie I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. I think I was expecting something more surreal after loving Dream (Bi-mong). This time around I was struck by how similar those movies are, and I'm a bit surprised I didn't appreciate it more before.

    The gradual introduction to the protagonists' world says enough about the whole movie. You get an image of the male character looking for something that he doesn't have, and then you…