3-Iron ★★★★½

The first time I watched this movie I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. I think I was expecting something more surreal after loving Dream (Bi-mong). This time around I was struck by how similar those movies are, and I'm a bit surprised I didn't appreciate it more before.

The gradual introduction to the protagonists' world says enough about the whole movie. You get an image of the male character looking for something that he doesn't have, and then you catch a glimpse of reality and think that maybe he's looking for something that doesn't actually exist. We are constantly shown the contrast between reality and images of reality that make it look much better.

Equally enjoyable is the quest to borrow other people's lives because you don't like your own or don't feel like it's any more real. The film is almost 10 years old but it doesn't get any less relevant. These days the internet is overflowing with selfies and Instagrams of food, perhaps to assure people that they do live their own lives. I love Kim Ki-duk's fascination with the blurred lines between reality and dreams/fantasy. Regardless if it says something important about the world or not, it's extremely cinematic.