A Cure for Wellness ★★½

It's tricky to do this gaslighting mystery these days. Either you end up with an insane unreliable narrator that feels done so it isn't the great twist that it once was, or you end up with some contrived conspiracy, sci-fi, or fantasy plot that more often than not is too silly.

It takes some special performances to rise above those risks and this only succeeds halfway. The locations are evocative and Verbinski makes the most of them with all sorts of nice shots and a bunch of Beethoven on the soundtrack. Dane DeHaan is not the lead actor who can carry the movie though. We've seen Leonardo DiCaprio in a similar role and that only barely was enough. DeHaan does have a poor man's DiCaprio presence, but this movie needed more. Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth also feel like lesser versions of similar actors in these kind of roles.

Perhaps it could work if the movie didn't feel so rushed. The introduction with DeHaan in some corporate environment does nothing to establish the character or plant red herrings. It's just a quick way to get him where he needs to be with some thin quest that never really gets room to grow into something interesting. It's weird how the movie manages to be way too long despite not taking the time to build a compelling story. It's all about setting up neat looking scenes, which is certainly done but it's not satisfying.