Atomic Blonde ★★

It's a bit sad that passion projects so often end up being among the worst that the person produces. An actor does a lot of good things and get clout only to waste it on something that they should just stay away from. Charlize Theron should have learned her limits with Æon Flux, but now that she is peaking after Fury Road she just had to go back to that emotionless comic book well.

Perhaps it could have worked with a less hacky director though. Just like with John Wick this feels like someone trying to copy Drive. That style got old before that first movie was over, and it was only saved by the hint of pretentious vision that wanted to draw from Jodorowsky. This movie suffers even more from a story that isn't as clever as they thought and wildly uneven tones in the acting. Making the not-quite-le-Carré cool and vibrant takes much more than just pasting someone else's fancy style onto this thin script.