Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★½

Perhaps ill-conceived expectations threw me off, as this rubbed me the wrong way a little bit from the start. The opening with Baby Groot dancing about looked more like a show reel for the animators to get used to "drawing" the character than the fun way to avoid a tedious fight that I assume is the intention.

Watching this without getting on the right wavelength makes it easy to find flaws in the attempt to build on a surprise success of a pretty insubstantial first volume. The humor can no longer build on the friction between individual anti-heroes getting to know each other and the way out ends up being an attempt to go sentimental and draw on the overly popular friends-as-family theme. With Vin Diesel turning that theme into parody in his other franchise it is easy to view it with a cynical disconnect, which is devastating to the enjoyment of such manipulations.

There are still enough funny moments and mind-blowing computer images to make it a fun time though. And a rewatch with proper alignment of my expectations will reveal it to be much better than that.