Double Lover ★★★

François Ozon just can't get enough of making sex scenes with Marine Vacth. Young & Beautiful appeared to be little more than an excuse for this, but in comparison that may have been more of an actual story. This psychoerotic thriller is a strange throwback to a part of the 90s that few people have been missing. Perhaps it is a sign of artistic integrity to ignore that the world has moved on from this genre.

The movie is more erotic than thriller, save for a few jump scares. And the psychological thriller plot feels a bit pointless. There are hardly any stakes, which isn't necessarily a weakness though. Perhaps this is the main difference from the erotic thrillers of yore, where sex would be linked to murder. In Ozon's version the thriller aspect is more about identity, with sex being a way into the psyche and perhaps a way to distract it.

As much as I can't get on board with the story, Ozon is skilled at making watchable movies. The visual motifs are frequent and a bit on the nose, but they are pretty. It feels like there is more attention to implementation than to the ideas, which is exactly how I felt about Young & Beautiful as well. It may be unfair to expect more substance just because the execution is so slick.

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