Love and Lemons ★★★

Despite some terrible decisions the movie manages to balance the romcom elements with the professional dream-fulfillment of the protagonist. Squeezing the complete arcs from a novel into the 90-minute romcom may force some corners and conflicts to be cut, which mostly benefits the story. There are few forced conflicts and they don't last as annoyingly long as they tend to do in the genre. Instead there's an optimistic momentum with a lot of supportive characters pushing each other to success. It's not very deep, but a nice slice of feel-good.

The use of fast forward is mind-bogglingly awful, but there are more important strategic choices that work nicely. The movie is supposedly shot in Trollywood but most street views are shot on location in Stockholm, placing the story firmly where it belongs. The actual spot for the restaurant adds enough information about how misjudged their original concept is, which may not be necessary but it lends an authenticity to the story and characters.