Lucid Dream ★★

There's a decent kidnapping thriller hidden behind the dumb dream gimmick. When the characters are just allowed to do follow the clues in the real world it's easy to get sucked into the movie. Unfortunately you need a gimmick to sell the movie, and this Inception/The Cell/Source Code USP is catchy.

Unfortunately it is not realized very well. It constantly feels like it would have been really easy to just let everything happen in the real world, and that this dream thing is shoehorned in rather than add something unique. What's worse is that there is constant explanation of the rules and mechanics of the lucid dreams, as if it matters.

It just makes it worse when they start talking about how a person needs to focus on changing his brainwaves. If you are going for really dumb pseudo-science it's probably wise to just not explain it. Perhaps it's more the result of thinking the viewer is incredibly dense, as they also keep cutting to flashbacks to remind you of what happened two minutes earlier in case you didn't get the connection. I suppose this is appropriate if Netflix expects the viewer to not pay attention to the movie, but it doesn't make for a good movie if you do.