Professor Marston and the Wonder Women ★★

Quite an unremarkable biopic, as they tend to be. Just asking Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall to play scientists in the 20s is stretching limited abilities very thin. There is a fascinating story behind it though, and cross-cutting between the romanticized reality and the Wonder Woman character creation is cute. They really lucked out that people accepted the Wonder Woman movie with open arms, so they actually care about the origin part of this story.

Using the Marston story to make a sexy pitch for polyamory and bondage is mostly weird though. There are so many false notes especially at a time when power abuse-induced sexual harassment is in the news. The movie plays off egregious psychological harassment by both professors against the student as if it is just a sexy mating ritual and not as wildly inappropriate as the stiff conservative villains think. The whole movie hinges on this love triangle being the best, so going into it on such an awkward tone makes the whole thing sour.