Stasis ★★★

A sneakily enjoyable movie that has the look of a student film with the most terrible acting. The production design makes it clear that more passion than resources went into the production (except for the special effects that are actually decent). All those things make the movie look pretty bad at first, but when the story is actually good those quirks end up being more of a contagious testament to the passion and creative spirit of the crew.

I don't think I have ever seen a mix of time travel, body swapping and ghosts, and it is a lot of fun. Anna Harr acts her heart out and as uneven as the performance is, she makes the character(s) carry the movie. Especially with her older co-stars being complete stiffs.

I hope the movie is still around for people to watch in 2067 and think that this is a fair representation of the present and our view of the future.