The Dead Mountaineer Hotel ★★★

Science fiction is a useful genre to tell stories that can't be explicitly told in societies with limited freedom. To cover up that this movie isn't too interested in making too much sense of the sci-fi elements on the surface it is more of a psychological detective thriller. It's a fun format and the isolated hotel in a beautiful wintery mountain setting comes with its own appeal. There's something about those 70s helicopter shots that the movie opens on that gets the blood pumping immediately.

So a lot of the ideas going into this suggest that it would be great. Unfortunately the execution is lacking. The stiff detective and suspenseful electronic scores bring out associations to giallos with much less on their mind but with more ambitious cinematography. Outside the helicopter the cinematographer just doesn't seem as comfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as the actors that keep overworking the weirdness of their characters. To some degree that's a fair directorial strategy but the combination of rough acting, framing, and editing makes it harder to relax and trust the filmmaker.

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