The Incredible Hulk ★★★

In retrospect it's funny how the producers allowed this to not do more to set the foundation for the MCU. There are some references to the Captain America business of yore, but some S.H.I.E.L.D. involvement could have made this feel more a part of the series. The mediocre movies are really helped by such ties, although making a movie that holds up on its own may be a worthier ambition.

And there are plenty of things to like here, especially the parts where they are more interested in recreating the spirit of the TV-series rather than fit into the MCU. Compared to other actors who have taken the role of the Hulk, Edward Norton has a nice vulnerable fear of his green side. He seems actually afraid of letting it out, not just because it means he'll have to leave yet another town. He seems to actually believe that he is losing himself to an actual monster, as if it really is a manifestation of unbrideled anger. That is a pretty good foundation for the MCU, as the good guys coax him into releasing his anger to fight other monsters that they created to fight bad guys that mostly existed in their imagination.