Tokyo Tribe ★★★★

This is part of the 30 countries challenge.

Not quite as coherent as Why Don't You Play in Hell? but every bit as energetic and fun. In spite of a thorough introduction to the world and its inhabitants the music video narrative structure makes it a challenge to keep up, but the stream of insanity leads up to a logical and satisfying end.

With everything feeling as fresh as it should in this concoction it's funny how much it refers to classic American influences. It's natural for The Warriors to loom over the movie and it's a little surprising that the gangs here are actually less extreme in their branding. The old female DJ could also be seen as a Do the Right Thing reference, which makes sense for the whole hiphop thing. The actual musical performances are not always great, but there's a constant beat that scores the movie pleasantly.

The other week I watched a dumb nunsploitation movie and complained that you need to do something new and creative if you are going to work in a genre like that. Sion Sono knows what it's about. His wanton exploitation elements consistently feel unnecessary but fit into a larger craziness and satire. And every other scene is something that I have never seen before. The absolute peak of this movie is when Cyborg Kaori is thrown into an already wacky scene, goes bananas and everybody acts like it's normal.

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