Under the Shadow ★★★★

Jamming all the stress and frustration of living through years and years of war, an oppressive society, and parenting into one story is quite a setup. It doesn't take much to convey just how crushing it is to always be ready to haul your kid down to the bomb shelter and to get your career halted by bureaucrats who don't like your political activity or gender.

Perhaps the strong part is getting the actors to hold back a bit and make it just everyday life with a constant grinding that causes friction and poisons relationships and makes it hard to be patient with a kid who is even more ill-equipped to deal with the situation. Which of course adds to the stress when you feel like a bad parent on top of being freaked out about external threats to your progeny.

That's all scary enough, but the manifestation of this rampant stress and anxiety makes this really creepy in the traditional horror movie sense. It's only displayed in short bursts that are efficiently scary. This past Halloween my niece got mad at me for not being susceptible to jump scares, but this movie proves I'm not entirely immune.