• The Menu

    The Menu


    much funnier than i was expecting, i loved it. anya is still an icon

  • The Banshees of Inisherin

    The Banshees of Inisherin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    what a wild time. if u don’t burn ur besties house down are y’all even friends??

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    very endearing

  • Rosaline



    This may seem like a high rating for this but I do not care I actually loved it. It's a period piece but with modern dialogue and humor and I think they did it in a way that was actually funny and not cringe-worthy. It's just very cute and doesn't take itself too seriously. The main character does feel kind of unlikable at first but she definitely has some much needed growth and development by the end. But ugh the…

  • Werewolf by Night

    Werewolf by Night


    an old black and white monster movie is a fun little deviation from the typical marvel content so i appreciate the change of style, and it’s entertaining i want more of jack.

  • Do Revenge

    Do Revenge


    I enjoyed this, it’s not perfect and there’s high school cliches, cringey dialogue, and actors who definitely do not look like high schoolers but it’s still fun to watch, has a good soundtrack, and maya hawke is kissing girls. the third act definitely was the best and i actually loved the twists it gave it an edge that kinda set it apart from every other teen movie.

  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting


    embarrassed that i haven’t seen this yet so i had to

  • Remainder



    the sandman-induced tom sturridge hyperfixation is in full force rn folks

  • Waiting for Forever

    Waiting for Forever

    ah yes, that line between being romantic and stalking? i believe you crossed it my guy.

  • Nope



    it is gory but i appreciate that it’s more sci-fi than straight up horror because i am nooooot a fan of horror normally but this i could definitely handle

  • Handsome Devil

    Handsome Devil


    i finished this 30 minutes before it got taken off netflix i have great timing. it’s cute, gay, irish, and has andrew scott so it checks all the basic boxes

  • Purple Hearts

    Purple Hearts


    nicholas you owe me the red white and royal blue adaptation right fucking now so i can forget that you played a republican