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  • Gilda



    Hate is a very exciting emotion. Haven't you noticed? Very exciting...

    A movie for when you get tired of all those trite love stories and want a hate story for once.

    Caught this at the Film Forum and was grateful to get to see it on the big screen. It's a movie of spectacle more than story. Rita Hayworth is dishing out something in this movie that is truly rare in its intensity. She makes an electrical shock of connection…

  • Trouble in Paradise

    Trouble in Paradise


    It's kind of fun when you've heard about a movie for so long and see it admired in everything you read and yet none of your friends have it or ever bring it up and the Lubitsch retrospectives always seem to hit when you have a lot on your plate... so one day you find it at the library and you have a free evening and you just watch it by yourself and get to make your own discovery that…

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  • Collateral



    Subgenres of the thriller genre:

    1. the thriller as art film, where the artist cannot stoop to actually thrilling his audience

    2. the thriller as philosophical rubbernecking, where we are invited to meditate upon the nature of evil — as severed heads roll our way

    3. the thriller as pastiche of esoteric pop-culture references

    4. the redundant thriller, either a remake of a good thriller or adaptation of a good novel, or both

    My highest praise of Collateral is that…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


    Hoop tober No. 5 #3

    A bright and varied color palette. Striking, surreal imagery embedded in a fairly linear story. Some interest in developing distinct characters, even more interest in developing that rare beast, a collective hero. Some finesse and rhythm applied to revealing and concealing the monster: although Freddy is on his way to becoming the dispenser of bad puns and cheap sadism he would become in the next film, this movie maintains a sense of urgency and keeps…