Girlfriends ★★★★

Saw at BAM w/ Matt. Part of their series "A Different Picture: Women Filmmakers in the New Hollywood Era, 1967—1980." I've been hearing about this movie for years, and picked it up on DVD a few years back, but had never watched it. The chance to see it on the big screen got me off my ass at long last. Melanie Mayron gave a fantastic performance, dancing between the tragicomic-funny and the witty-funny and the horny-sad and the existential-sad with a lot of finesse. (Horny-happy is hard to come by in this film, but generally speaking it conveys an attitude that sex can be good, without denying that it can be difficult to navigate — a very worthy balance to strike.) Vicki Polon's script covered a lot of ground in terms of friendship, sex, creativity, work, and it wasn't just one thing after another but had been shaped, albeit gently, into a kind of coming-of-age narrative. Also, it had a religious pun, which is extremely my shit. It was altogether lovely. If Claudia Weill wanted to keep making movies and was never given any support after making Girlfriends, that is indeed our loss. Looking forward to seeing it again soon.

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