Parasite ★★★★

Watched w/ Ji and George. My third time. I wasn't sure how it would go; I knew I admired the movie greatly, but wasn't sure how much I loved it. It turned out, getting to see it again, with my focus resting on dimensions beyond the story, was pretty awesome. It was my first time, for example, trying to tune into the score by Jung Jae-il, truly unobtrusive but such an enhancement to the scenes where Bong deploys it. And then I would start paying attention to the little nuances in the performances, and get caught up in the story again, because it's that kind of movie.

Kevin Cecil: "I think the reason this works so well is that, while being distinctly a singular creation of Bong Joon Ho, it feels like a Shakespearean comedy directed as a Hitchcock thriller. One of those movies that somehow feels like it's always existed." I don't have better words for expressing how I feel about this movie. I think Cecil really captured the spot the movie hits, where it doesn't feel remotely derivative and yet there's something comfortingly familiar about the confidence Bong shows in his storytelling.

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