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  • Rebecca



    A significant improvement on the original Rebecca movie. This was put together so much better than the first film. The characters actions and behaviors actually make sense. Slight plot changes to the story make it way more cohesive. Although, some of the directing and editing fell short. I think some scenes were cut before they got a chance to end. At least two I can think of really needed to be extended. Some of the shots and camera angles were…

  • The Bad Seed

    The Bad Seed


    A lighthearted horror movie? Refreshing to watch a thriller not filled with quick cuts and jump scares. The challenge of not showing the actual murders and violence actually adds to the creepy nature of the movie. Some over-the-top acting in places and some just plain old great acting in others. I was entertained the whole time time and had no idea how the movie would end. A good go-to for a “scary movie” that, in my opinion is not scary.