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nonprofit art house cinema in downtown winston-salem. 4 screens, 231 seats, and a whole bunch of movies maybe you've heard of. 🍿🍷🍺📽🎟

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// part of Films from Africa & the African Diaspora Series

In February 2017, a/perture launched Black Cinema a/ Journey and each year since we have celebrated the works of Black filmmakers, talent and artists during Black History Month. This year we are choosing to celebrate films from Africa and the African Diaspora and to extend the focus to all of 2021. The African diaspora refers to the many communities of people of…

Rent it now in our virtual cinema: aperturecinema.com/movies/shiva-baby/

Rent it now in our virtual cinema: aperturecinema.com/movies/life-itself/
Celebrate our 2021 Luminaries honoree, Ramin Bahrani! Iranian-American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani was born in Winston-Salem. His films have won awards and acclaim all over the world, from Venice to Cannes. Bahrani is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Someone to Watch Independent Spirit Award in 2008. His films have won numerous awards: Goodbye Solo won the Critics’ Prize for best film at the Venice Film Festival (2009), and 99…

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Not the best doc and the music got old pretty quickly, but the protagonist is delightful and it inspired me to seek out hiking again.
Rent from aparure cinema if you can!!!!

"Travis’ commitment to getting lost is greater than his desire to be loved. It happens. When we can no longer stand ourselves, we can no longer stand others. We fling ourselves from the burden of love into escapism: a substance, a job, a far-off desert. A few personal events can spark this kind of reaction; most commonly, shame. If we can understand shame, we can understand why a man would abandon his family for the desert. Why a man walks alone until he collapses."

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it doesn’t get better than the one with Sophia Takal and Joe Swanberg...

sooooooo much gopro
sooooooo unnecessary